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Credits Mobile Wallet video presentation

Exclusive Primary Listing Announcement of YAP STONE (YAP) on BitMax.io

Dear BitMax.io Users,

BitMax.io announces the exclusive primary listing of YAP STONE (YAP) under the trading pairs of YAP/USDT and YAP/BTC.

Deposit & Withdrawal to start at 10:00 a.m. EDT on June 20th, 2019.

Trading to start at 10:00 a.m. EDT on June 21st, 2019.

Both trading pairs are only eligible for Reverse-Mining and regular trading.

Project Introduction of YAP

What’s Reverse-Mining

Separate incentive structure for the Maker trades includes the process of

(1) User getting rebates by executing Maker trades.

(2) The equivalent market value of BTMX token being deducted from user account.

(3) the BTMX tokens being subject to permanent lock-up.

Thank you for the continued support.

BitMax.io Team

Jun 18th, 2019
ERC-1155 is final! 💎

Exactly one year after its introduction by Enjin CTO Witek Radomski, Ethereum has adopted the ERC-1155 token standard, making it permanently unchangeable and available to be used by the entire Ethereum development community.

Read more about the Multi Token Standard, which enables a single smart contract to produce an infinite number of both fungible and non-fungible tokens: https://enj.li/1155
Credits Testnet 417.0 Software Update.

Download node for Windows and Linux
Blockchain Explorer
Web Wallet

Check the information about updates and fixed bugs below:
1) Smart contract module
-smart contracts execution was improved - parallel execution of SC multicalls
-new kind of payable () method - with return value
2) Network stability
- nodes with low specs will be automatically added in the special list of nodes that can't participate in consensus in order to prevent reduction of block generation and speed (for a while)
-nodes without executer are prohibited to participate in consensus
3) Bugs fixes
-fixed commission when you replenish smart contract
-the logic responsible for the issue of information about smart transactions in monitor is fixed
4) CSCrypto library
-using seed phrases for regeneration of keys
5) Wallet and Executer use OpenJDK11. Instruction is available here.
Hands Up! Credits Blockchain has joined the league of the 15 most active crypto projects on Github for past 12 months.

The modern world is dependent on the flow of goods, but the current solution is quite problematic.

Here's Credits solution for streamlining logistics:

Binance Info's V Label project CREDITS (CS) has updated its Monthly Report!

Read the full report in Binance News section.

Dear DFINITY community,

As you all know, DFINITY has received a total of $166.9M in 3 funding rounds by many backers across the world. Due to cancellation from a previous backer, a new $2M allocation will be available.

The available Tokens will be released in a series of successive equal monthly instalments of 1/12 of the Tokens upon each additional month over 12-month period measured from the Token Distribution Date.

What to do?
If you are interested in the allocation please proceed by sending a private message to @dominic_williams.

We are happy to announce Credits Mobile Wallet release and invite our community to take part in testing of Beta version.


Dr. Zhou will have AMA this Saturday at 7pm PST. We received lots of good questions last week. If you missed it, check summary: http://bit.ly/AMAS0615_TELE
If you have any questions about technology, development progress, leave comments! http://bit.ly/AMA0615_TELE
Review of Credits Source Code & Github by Ivan On Tech

Credits Team signed a partnership with Aspire - professional IT-company with extensive experience that provides various customized software development services.

Credits Official Ambassador - Harald Benoliel has organized a contest to celebrate our full source code publication and decentralised exchange development.

Check Twitter post to be updated with contest conditions.

Credits Official Ambassador - Harold Benoliel has organized a contest to celebrate our full source code publication and decentralised exchange development.

Check Twitter post to be updated with contest conditions.

🎉 Games of D.R.E.P. - DREP Token Balance Competition 🎉

Choose Your Team, Show Your DREP
Two Teams with Most DREP Share Purse of 1 Million DREP

👯‍♀️ Participation period: June 11-13
🏆 Result announcement: June 14

1. The participant needs to have 100,000 DREP at least.
2. Please participate by submitting your ERC20 address or a short video that shows your DREP token balance and address in exchange wallets.
3. Two teams with most token balances will share the purse of 1 million DREP proportionately.

Registration link:
CreditsTeam is glad to introduce a new partnership with GpsyPro, the innovative IT-company that brings effective business solutions with an individual approach to the customers' needs.

Recently, we published the first community governance on the topic of “Whether to accelerate all delayed token”. In the final voting results, 99.6% of votes in favor of accelerating all delayed token. Please read the article for more details. http://bit.ly/FR_TELE



BitMax.io 团队

Credits Testnet v4.2.416.1 Software Update.

An issue which leads to crash of the node is fixed.

Direct links to actual resources:
-Web Wallet - https://wallet.credits.com/testnet
-Monitor - https://monitor.credits.com/testnet-r4_2
-Download node for Linux and Windows - https://developers.credits.com/en/Articles/a_TestNet

Windows Client Installation Instructions - https://developers.credits.com/en/Articles/a_How_to_install_node_for_Windows_operating_system
Linux Client Installation Instructions - https://developers.credits.com/en/Articles/a_How_to_install_node_for_Linux_operating_system
Voting website (https://communityvote.quarkchain.io/) is launched now! It will be closed at 6 pm UTC+8, Jun 8th.
You could vote through qPocket or Metamask.

1. We took a snapshot of the QKC holding addresses and the balances when ETH Block reaches 7,910,000 (about 10 am to 2 pm UTC+8, Jun 7th ) before the formal start of the poll. The number of QKCs held in a wallet address is the number of votes. If the token is not withdrawn from the exchange at the time of the snapshot, this wallet address cannot be counted, and he/she can not participate in the poll.

2. All the users who participated in the guardian plan can vote directly on the page without taking back the staked QKC. The number of votes equals the actual QKC balance of the user in that block.

3. Voting does not need to consume or lock QKC, only need to sign on the voting page.

4. In order to ensure fairness and openness of the voting results, we will store the voting results on the chain. All voting users need to prepare a small amount of ETH to pay Gas fees.

5. Due to the regulation concern, all users should finish KYC form as instructed after voting. Here is the form: https://qkc.typeform.com/to/P1QACS
Zippie product update for May is out!

🛒 Streamlined wallet UX
🎫 ERC-721 support to enable vouchers
🌄 Move to Goerli testnet finished

Credits Testnet v4.2.416 Software Update.

Brief introduction about bugs which were fixed:
-The calculation of commissions per transaction has been optimized (reducing the cost of CS transfer transactions);
-RAM usage is optimized;
-The network subsystem is optimized and stabilized;
-Network connection errors are fixed;
-Migration to OpenJDK11 is completed;
-Bugs lead to node crash are fixed.

Direct links to actual resources:
-Web Wallet - https://wallet.credits.com/testnet
-Monitor - https://monitor.credits.com/testnet-r4_2
-Download node for Linux and Windows - https://developers.credits.com/en/Articles/a_TestNet

Windows Client Installation Instructions - https://developers.credits.com/en/Articles/a_How_to_install_node_for_Windows_operating_system
Linux Client Installation Instructions - https://developers.credits.com/en/Articles/a_How_to_install_node_for_Linux_operating_system
If you’re an SKM holder, this news is for you!
In order to provide better security for user assets, SKRUMBLE NETWORK (SKM) will be upgrading our smart contract starting 10am on June 6, 2019 (UTC-08:00 America and Canada).

In order to protect the rights of SKM holders, the new smart contract will be mapped to the old contract to complete the upgrade of the smart contract. The value of the digital assets will not change, and the new SKM token will remain a verified ERC20-compliant token.

It will take about 24 hours to complete upgrade.

The upgrade will be on at the time of the 7,906,688 ETH block height, which is estimated at noon of June 6, 2019. Please note that any transactions happens after this EXACT block height, we will not do the MAPPING.

The following guidelines will tell you everything you need to do (or not do) with your SKM tokens ahead of the upgrade:

The following exchanges, including Gate.io, Lbank, Huobi Korea, Hotbit, Coinbene will support for the upgrade. They will honour the mapping for you. In this case, there is nothing for users to do.

If you hold SKM on an exchange that’s not on the list, you need to withdraw SKM to supporting exchanges/wallets.

For users who have placed some SKM at a non-exchange address (such as Ally, ImToken wallet, ledger Nano, etc.), you will receive the new contracts SKM (token ratio 1:1) after the smart contract upgrade is completed. In the next 24 hours starting at 10 pm (UTC-08:00 America and Canada) on June 6, 2019, we strongly recommend that you stop all trading activities, deposits and withdrawals related to SKM in your cold wallet. After that, please be sure to use the new SKM for exchange.

As an abundance of caution, we suggest users do not move SKM balances starting at least 2 hours before the upgrade begins (June 6th, 2019, 10:00am), until it’s completed (June 7th, 2019, 12:00pm).

The new token contract for SKM is: 0x048Fe49BE32adfC9ED68C37D32B5ec9Df17b3603

The upgrade will be finished within 24 hours. After the smart contract upgrade is completed, we will inform the SKM community through our official channels.

Have questions about the smart contract update? Please contact the Skrumble Network team using our official channels: Telegram, Twitter or Ally.
Here goes May Monthly Report!

Read about a vast amount of new partnerships conducted, conferences attended and some software updates on our webpage.

We have just conducted the meeting between the QuarkChain CBO - Ting Du and our CEO Igor Chugunov. Many thanks to both parties for a fruitful discussion.

Stay tuned!

DX deposit (DX/ETH and DX/USDT trading pairs) will be available on Gate.io. after June 8, 4:00 UTC.

Meanwhile, the last round allocation of the tokens for private sale investors, which was scheduled on August 8, 2019, will be distributed in advance on June 8, 2019. That means, token distribution for private sale investors (25% of the total token supply) will be completed.

Thank you for your support to DxChain!
MultiVAC Testnet 2.0 "Enigma" Officially Launch with a Million-Bounty Mining Plan

We are pleased to announce that MultiVAC Testnet 2.0 has officially launched today which can support any ordinary computer to be a miner fairly in the network.🥳🥳

In addition, we also release a million-bounty mining plan to encourage everyone to join and build the network. The rewards from the testnet mining will be mapped to the mainnet native tokens.

To participate in mining needs to fill in the application form and deposit tokens, after the approval, we will contact you in order to start your mining journey!

👉Million mining plan: https://medium.com/@MultiVAC_Global/a-million-bounty-mining-plan-details-d45cc047939
👉Whitelist application: http://mtvmining.va.mikecrm.com/E91WWVV
👉Mining Guide: https://medium.com/@MultiVAC_Global/multivac-testnet-2-0-mining-guides-162a3559f2a9

P.S. Now users who deposit is more than 100,000 MTV has become independent nodes, and have automatically entered the "cloud mining," the first week of "cloud mining" is free, we will contact one by one to confirm which mining mode you choose.
Developer's Journal #20 is out!

Check the recent updates from Credits technical team in our report.

Our demo server EnjinCraft brings a never-before-seen level of secure peer-to-peer in-game trading to Minecraft.

Securely trade blockchain assets via an escrow-based trading system and see them instantly appear in your inventory!

⏯️ See trading in action: https://youtu.be/u-aQxuU6NBc
Credits team has recently attended the Binance meetup in Moscow.

Many thanks to Ted Lin, Gleb Kostarev and all Binance team.

Credits Platform is in every sense of the word more cool than Ethereum.

No offence. Just facts.

Credits team has signed a partnership agreement with Toughlex, forward-looking IT-company capable to meet various challenges and provide long-term complex solutions.

Dear Community,

Another great month has come to an end and we are now one step closer to the official launch. In the month of May, we initiated the next phase of our beta pilot by onboarding businesses across the globe, conducted several focus group studies, attended business networking events and launched the knowledge base on our official blog.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our month of May 2019. http://bit.ly/FTX-May19

To receive our updates in real-time, please follow us on our social media handles and subscribe to our mailing list.

Yours Truly,

The FintruX Team
What is behind Credits high transaction processing speed?

Credits is happy to announce that we have concluded the partnership agreement with Iteora - web and mobile software developer with a highly successful track record.

Credits Team is glad to introduce a partnership agreement with Endionit, an IT-company that offers a complete range of amenities and services by utilizing first-class technologies.

Credits Platform has officially joined Binance Info transparency initiative.

By sharing project-related information such as news and progress reports on Binance Info, Credits is contributing to keeping the community informed.

MultiVAC testnet 2.0 launch countdown, has opened the applications for the testnet mining 🥳🥳

To encourage community users to participate in the system construction actively, MultiVAC will launch pre-mining activities when the testnet 2.0 comes online.

This activity will also be the most significant community activity of MultiVAC so far. Not only mining revenue can be converted into mainnet assets, but also all participating users will receive multiple benefits such as locks, mining, lottery, deposit, etc.

⚡️⚡️1 million US dollars is waiting for you⚡️⚡️

👉check here to submit the application.