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· 22:07 16 Aug
#ThrowbackThursday: Fast Company hits the bull’s eye explaining WePower.
Later on, WePower is named as one of the 10 Most Innovative Energy Companies in the world by Fast Company!

· 13:54 14 Aug
13 questions to our CEO Nick about WePower by BloombergNEF. A must read!

· 02:30 13 Aug
Watch the recap of WePower "Revolution in Energy Financing" event in Melbourne, where the leaders in #energy, #finance, and #technology came together to discuss opportunities and challenges in energy financing. ⚡️

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· 17:24 10 Aug
Here comes something big! ⚡️
Bloomberg just published the story behind our new exciting partnership https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-06/broker-tradition-seeks-blockchain-deal-in-energy-market-shift
For additional insights check out the official announcement on our blog https://goo.gl/sWzvRa

· 17:54 08 Aug
Give a hand to WePower's Communication team in building durable relationships with their community and supporters!
Apply now!⚡️


· 13:39 26 Jul
Hey guys, We've got even more exciting news for you all! 😊

WePower was featured in Greentech Media, the leading news and research provider on energy transformation.

“WePower's alpha launch shows that there's strong interest in renewable energy tokenization,” – GTM drops in a nutshell.


· 09:02 25 Jul
Community you are amazing! WePower won the voting with a record - breaking 35 million votes and will be listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex exchanges on July 26th! 🚀

Million thanks for your support and your belief in our mission to give the power back to the people!

· 12:22 20 Jul
Sneak peek into what the future will bring is here:

· 22:25 17 Jul
We’re thrilled to be in Seoul, Korea! Here is Arturas' feedback after the day 1 of Beyond Blocks Summit:

"It's a great event to share ideas with crypto community, meet supporters & friends.
Here are Maja, our advisor, and Michael Novogratz - our strong supporter from Galaxy on the stage.
Tomorrow I am pitching WePower - that is always an amazing experience!
By the way, should you run out of battery, we have you covered with WePower's Green Energy stations. Enjoy!"

· 03:54 16 Jul
Good morning, South Korea! 🇰🇷👍🏻
So Arturas is coming for "Beyond Blocks" Summit
https://www.facebook.com/beyondblocksevents/ in Seoul!

And come 19th, you will have an opportunity to participate in WePower's community meetup! 😁😁
You won't want to miss it!
⚡️ https://onoffmix.com/event/145052 🚀

Have a great start to the week, guys! 💪🏻

· 00:49 13 Jul
Good morning Australia! Have a nice Friday! We are happy to share that soon there will be more news from Australia as Nick recently announced in this video: https://youtu.be/y1Vw6IH5lXY

· 23:15 11 Jul
Engineering team’s blog brings more light on the following tasks in platforms development:

· 12:58 09 Jul
LIVE "Ask WePower Anything" session dedicated to the launch of WePower Alpha V1 Platform is coming up tomorrow (10th of July) at 11 AM (UTC+3)!

· 22:20 05 Jul
Did you have a chance to check the first renewable energy auctions already available on our platform?

6 solar energy projects developed in Southwest Spain with total production capacity of 300MW have been added to the platform at launch!

Explore them & express your interest to participate:

· 14:01 05 Jul
Our blockchain-based green energy financing and trading platform’s Alpha version 1 is launched!
You can now create your account, browse through the first renewable energy auctions already available on the platform, express your interest to participate in them and check donated energy pool. Start your acquaintance with the platform here:

· 15:00 02 Jul
Dear Australian community, let's meet on the 3rd of July (tomorrow 😊 ) at "Revolution in #Energy Financing" event in Melbourne!

Among other speakers, our Mantas will share his experience on the fundamentals behind digitalisation and how a combination of exciting financial #technologies together with the changing nature of energy production and trade is on the brink of major disruption.

We will have some coverage to share with you, more to come on that soon. We hope to see you there, you can find details below!


· 16:30 29 Jun
Last week Nick was in Seoul to share experience in Future Energy Forum on how renewable energy can be supported in the changing energy environment.
Read Nick's feedback from the trip:


· 15:57 22 Jun
Ricky Li, a veteran trader in crypto and commodity market who recently joined our advisory board, introduces his first post of series on the macro market trend related regulatory updates and forward-looking factors impact overall market.

His biweekly updates will also feature WPR performance for the past two weeks, forward-looking events and factors that could potentially impact the token price.

Ricky invites you all to share your questions — he will address them in his upcoming Medium posts.


· 16:45 10 Jun
What is the current situation in the energy sector? What are the challenges it is facing? How to overcome them? Click the link below and find the answers in Nick’s key takeaways from Eurelectric Power Summit 2018:

· 21:16 08 Jun
Dear attendees, due to some changes in our co-founders' schedule we moved AMA to Friday (06.15), 02:30PM (UTC+3). We hope this doesn't interfere with your plans and we will see you soon!