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· 17:10 17 Oct
Did you know that in the US, tech companies are the biggest buyers of green energy followed by governments and universities? Interestingly though, the contracts they use to buy energy are complex and have too high entry barriers for SMEs. A different approach is needed to allow smaller companies to also transition to renewables🚀


· 11:33 09 Oct
Some dire predictions in the latest UN report on climate change. If we keep doing what we're doing, we'll experience more heat waves, floods and droughts. How can we avoid this worst case scenario? Solutions like #WePower’s platform can help.


· 14:38 03 Oct
All you need to know about the 10th Climate Week that took place in NYC last week. Amazing progress initiated by the Climate Group and noteworthy takeaways. Find out first hand from our CBDO Mantas.⚡️


· 13:41 01 Oct
#WePower has gained some powerful insights from tokenising energy data thanks to our unique pilot project in Estonia. ⚡️This month we'll be able to finally share the first results 🚀 Stand by!

See how the VCs view blockchain's potential. Their approach is very much aligned with how WePower sees blockchain and it's use cases in the near future: https://bit.ly/2xP3Bsn

· 15:56 27 Sep
After an inspiring time in the USA at #ClimateWeekNYC, the #WePower team is gearing up for another important energy event!🚀 European Utility Week is all about creating an integrated and interconnected power market in Europe: https://bit.ly/2Qfvm4n⚡️#EUW18

· 11:22 26 Sep
Today’s take-home message from #ClimateWeekNYC☝️: Non-state action is vital if we're to limit the rise in average global temperatures to below 2˚C. #WePower aims to transform the energy sector and play a crucial role in the #goinggreen climate action discussed this week in NYC🚀

· 16:17 24 Sep
#WePower is in New York! 🚕 It's Day One of #ClimateWeekNYC and we're joining some of the most innovative companies in the world - all taking part in this groundbreaking climate action event: https://bit.ly/2IdBG9O Stay tuned for updates⚡️

· 15:30 20 Sep
⚡️Wow! Thanks to YOU we have had 122,379 likes on #WePower social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn over the past six months and our stories have been shared on those platforms 19,412 times.😲 We are so grateful that you've been helping spread our message!💚

· 13:45 18 Sep
Investments in the fossil fuel industry must fall to 40% by 2030 if we are to reach the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement - yet last year, there was an increase in investment in non-renewable energy 📈. Check out Nick's new blog post about the importance of putting power it into the hands of energy consumers.⚡️🤲


· 16:22 14 Sep
Dear community, we've created a special edition social media covers for you 🤗 They're easy to download with just one click: https://wepower.network/wepower-social-media-covers First time in the history, we've reached to a point where solar power is so cheap that it's very favorable economically not only environmentally. Upgrade your social media account and become #WePower brand ambassador💚

· 15:02 11 Sep
Signs of change in the green energy market: Australia’s consumers are taking matters into their own hands ☀️new tools for corporate energy buyers, and more. Check out the market overview by our CEO Nick! ⚡️


· 16:02 07 Sep
Great news, community! We made something special for you 🎉 Special designed social media covers for different social media channels with a strong message of #goinggreen. Check them out and upgrade your profile already today ☀️ https://wepower.network/media-kit #WePowerAmbassadors #renewables

· 12:23 07 Sep
Thank you, London 🙌 Our CEO Nick joined industry experts at THE WORLD OF INSIGHT to discuss #green infrastructure and the evolution of ESG investing. Thrilled to have had the opportunity to share our vision. Great minds think alike!

· 12:10 06 Sep
#ThrowbackThursday, #WePower starts an exciting partnership with Tradition SA, one of the world's largest interdealer brokers. The news gets picked up by #Bloomberg Markets 🏆 Find out more: https://bloom.bg/2vG9gAa

· 15:59 05 Sep
Just a month from now, our nationwide energy tokenisation project with Elering is going live 🚀 See the journey from when we first signed the partnership deal with Elering https://bit.ly/2NpjsXX on Sept 29th last year, to when the scope of the pilot project was outlined in January https://bit.ly/2D0C74H to the most recent update from our CTO of the progress https://bit.ly/2oOXLTf

· 13:02 04 Sep
Coming to the Big Apple soon! !🍏 #WePower will take part in Climate Week NYC, one of the key summits that has been driving climate action forward since it was first launched by The Climate Group in 2009. Newyorkers, ping us and let's meet up between Sept 24-28 🙌

· 12:45 03 Sep
Happy Monday! Find out what's hot in WePower in our co-founder Arturas's blog update mapping the recent progress.⚡️ In addition, he shares the three most important milestones for the next 3,5 months 🙂


· 13:04 01 Sep
Hi everyone! As the feature article by The Economist went viral, we published a small blog post about it. Please add your claps👏 inside Medium if you agree with the green revolution.


· 11:57 31 Aug
Happy Friday, everyone! Our friends at The Economist wrote a few words about us explaining how digitalisation as well as blockchain will transform the renewables industry ⚡️


· 15:38 24 Aug
Community, old and newbies alike 😉, check out this guided walkthrough video of the WePower Platform, introducing what to expect on our green energy financing & trading platform.

If you still haven't, ⚡️ SIGN UP⚡️ for the early access now at https://platform.wepower.network/ 👍
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