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WaBi WaBi Blockchain Service

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28 Nov - 30 Nov 2017
Fundraising Goal:
$11,500,000 / 100% raised
WaBi is the World's first crypto coin that engages consumers to combat counterfeits. WaBi is backed by a real demand for safe products. The WaBi loyalty program will be built on top of the Walimai safe channel for consumer products, which is supported by Walimai’s secure anti-counterfeit technology. Buyers of baby food, alcohol, and other products can mine WaBi by scanning products protected with Walimai's RFID-based anti-counterfeit labels with a special APP (available for free download from iOS and Android APP stores). This process verifies product authenticity of individual products prior to purchase, and also ensures collective security of all users: each scan renews the data held in RFID labels as well as the backend system data, thus supporting the system-wide security level.
Country: China


14:19 01 Oct
Opinion: the first example of true mainstream cryptocurrency adoption will arise through blockchain-based loyalty programs, outpacing even bitcoin transactions in the progress.

Here's why: https://me ... Read more
07:10 07 Sep
Our next ‘Office Hours’ session with the WaBi founders is scheduled for Wednesday, 12th of September, 8 to 9 PM Singapore time! Here are some of the highlights from the August 15th Q&A. If you have qu ... Read more
10:31 28 Aug
WaBi is joining forces with rising star in high-tech healthcare industry HiNounou to provide healthcare-focused products and services to senior citizens in China. This opens WaBi & Walimai up to a new ... Read more

Tael Market & Returns

Market Token Price:
$0.134051   +11.49%
0.00001595 BTC
0.00082605 ETH
All Time Low:
$0.0954743  0.38x
0.00002931 BTC  1.13x
0.00112415 ETH  2.14x

All Time High:
$5.39138  21.57x
0.00036743 BTC  14.14x
0.00439274 ETH  8.37x
Total supply:
Circulating supply:
69,199,999  (69.2%)
Market Cap: $9,276,301
24h volume: $692,836
Returns since ICO:
WABI token price USD
Dec 2017 – Jan 2020

Token Metrics

Ticker: WABI Smart Contract:   Copied!
Token Type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 0.25 USD
Pre-sale/Private-sale Token Price: 0.03 USD
Sold on Pre-sale/Private sale: $300,000
Bounty: Ended
KYC: YES Ended   
Whitelist: YES Ended   
Min/Max Personal Cap: NO
Accepts: ETH, BTC
Can't Participate: China, United States

Token Allocation

Total Tokens Supply: 100,000,000
Tokens For Sale: 56,000,000 (56%)