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· 03:12 21 Jul
There are many fraudulent groups out there claiming to be selling Thunder Tokens. We have not issued any ERC20 tokens, nor are we soliciting private investments. Any groups claiming to be selling Thunder Tokens are a SCAM.

Please be vigilant and report any scams to: [email protected]

There are also fake social media channels pretending to be from Thunder. Please only trust the social media links on the official website www.thundertoken.com or on our official annoucement channel https://t.me/thundercoreofficial

Telegram channels "ThunderTokenICO" and "ThunderToken Official" are NOT affiliated with, authorized by, or in any way associated with Thunder Token. The only official Thunder telegram group is Thunder Official (t.me/thunder_official)

Community Survey
Please answer this quick survey 👉🏼 https://goo.gl/forms/jhrWejzAzixwV3O02
Your opinion is important to us!

Questions about token sale?
There are currently no details at this stage. If this changes in the future, an announcement will be made via the official channels.

Do you have a whitepaper?
Yes, please read our newly published Lite Paper:

Do you have technical questions about Thunder?
Please ask any technical questions in our Gitter or subreddit, where we have Thunder researchers and developers that would be happy to assist.

⚡ Welcome to Thunder! ⚡

The Problem
Enterprise deployment of consensus has been at a small scale to date, and existing classical and blockchain consensus protocols aren't able to practically support large scale deployments.

Our Solution: ThunderCore
We combine the best of both worlds by adding an optimistic “fast-path” on top of a standard blockchain called the "slow-chain". In normal conditions, all transactions are instantly confirmed on the fast-path, and we barely have to use the slow-chain. If the fast-path is ever disrupted, a provably correct mechanism is invoked to fall back to the slow-chain, and nodes can continue to communicate and confirm transactions on the slow-chain. Once the problems are resolved, the fast-path will be revived.

Every step of Thunder’s consensus protocol is backed by rigorous mathematical proofs. As a result, Thunder achieves both high throughput and fast confirmation at the rate of thousands of transactions per second.

Our Team
Our team is comprised of award-winning academic experts from Cornell and MIT, and accomplished entrepreneurial leaders.

We're also hiring! Please refer to our website for details.


Admins will NEVER PM you asking for funds or offering tokens for sale.

Come join our discord and talk with core Thunder team members! This is a discussion based community ONLY and will not tolerate presale, ico, token market conversations. Come join our discussions on upcoming blockchain technology, testnet status, and just fun conversations :)

Useful links
Website: https://www.thundertoken.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thundertoken
Medium: https://www.medium.com/thunderofficial
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/thunder_official/
Discord: https://discord.gg/5EbxXfw