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Skrumble Network  Skrumble Network  Announcements

· 19:04 18 Oct
Ally has over 90K users, Candy Center coming soon and some new app updates! In case anyone missed the weekly update, check it out here!! https://skrumble.network/weekly-update-ally-has-over-90k-users/

· 16:10 18 Oct
Want to know more about our progress? 👉🏻 Click here! 👈🏻

Skrumble Network uses blockchain to provide privacy, security and freedom when communicating. We are building the first public chain for decentralized communication and financial transactions.

Our first dapp, Ally, has now more than 90k users. You can download it here and sign up to the future of communication!

We will go full decentralized and launch our testnet, as well of information of grandmasternodes in the near future. Hardware requirements for nodes will come closer to mainnet. You can have a look at our architecture here!

Delivering real value to supporters is the most important thing. Take a look at our first batch of token economics! We will be ready with more users and real value for further exchanges!

Thanks for reading, have a great day :)

· 17:42 16 Oct
Skrumble comes from the word ‘scrum’, which doubles in meaning. 1. Daily stand up meetings with ones team helping set the context for the coming day’s work (everyone gets in the same page!). 2. A rugby play that involves players packing closely together with their heads down and attempting to gain the possession of the ball (coming together to get the job done!). Skrumble Technologies builds communication technology that decentralizes, secures and differentiates your business. Helping everyone come together in the most secure, unified way!

· 23:12 03 Oct
It's Weekly Updates time! We've got some big news in this week's update, which is our monthly video, featuring our token economics, a brand new VIP Program, and some insanely exciting new features within Ally! Head to the blog post now: https://skrumble.network/weekly-update-video-vip-program-and-new-candy-center-in-ally/

· 17:03 02 Oct
"Security researcher Dhiraj Mishra discovered that a default setting where Telegram clients used P2P connections while initiating a call could result in the user’s IP address being leaked" https://www.securityweek.com/telegram-leaks-user-ip-addresses

· 17:49 28 Sep
We are excited to announce that our COO, Tamir Wolfson has been featured on the Financial Post! Check out the article here: http://ow.ly/n1VP30m0Xe9

· 19:02 27 Sep
WeChat is cool until you've watched this video 😂😂😂

· 17:07 27 Sep
WhatsApp Co-Founder, Brian Acton, left Facebook and said he "sold my users' privacy" when facebook acquired the company. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/brian-acton-whatsapp-on-facebook-forbes-interview-today-2018-09-26/

· 04:06 22 Sep
SKM Candy Campaign: Referral Program on Ally

As part of our month-long marketing campaign creating more awareness about Ally, Skrumble Network’s brand-new candy campaign is officially live!

Our featured dApp, Ally, the decentralized communication and social media app built on our very own public chain is hosting a referral program for users to get candy in the form of SKM tokens.

Interested in participating?

Here’s the steps & rules:

1. Download Ally from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store & sign-up to receive 100 SKM tokens.

2. Once successfully in the app, head to your profile. You should see a red button that says, ‘Get Candy!’ Click that! Copy your referral link or send it via text to share with your friends for them to join you on Ally.

3. With every successful sign-up we receive using your referral link, you and your friend who used your link will receive an additional 50 SKM each.

That’s right! All you literally need to do is sign up and bring your friends with you to receive tokens! It’s that easy!

If you’re new to the Skrumble Network, check out our newly released SKM Token Utility to show how SKM tokens will be used throughout the Ally app. This is just the first round. More utilities coming soon.

*The candy is first come first serve, meaning that whenever our total for the campaign runs out, that’s it. Skrumble Network has final discretion of interpretation of the events.

To answer a few questions you may have right off the bat, here’s a few FAQs:

1. How can I download this latest version of Ally?

Head to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and download the latest app version.

2. Where can I see my ‘Get Candy!’ page?

Once in Ally, click the person icon in the bottom right corner. That’s your profile. There will be a red button that says ‘Get Candy!. Click that! You’ll then be taken to a page that gives you your referral link to copy and the option to send your referral link via text message. Select whichever option you prefer and send to all your friends.

3. Why does my app show I only have ’50 SKM’, not the ‘100 SKM’ you’ve promised?

The copy may say that you only received 50 SKM, but if you check your wallet, you’ll see that we’ve actually given you 100 SKM. Just a small copy issue! We’ve sent a copy update, and are just waiting for approval.

4. Why can’t I see the candy page in my profile?

We recommend closing the app and reopening it. The candy button should then appear on your profile page. If it doesn’t appear right away, give it a minute! Take a look around the app and then come back to the profile page. If you still don’t see the candy button on your profile page, please see the details below on how to contact the Skrumble Network team throughout the candy campaign.

If anyone has any questions or needs help throughout the campaign, head to the Get Candy Support group on Ally managed by the Skrumble Network team: https://getally.io/c/allycandysupport

· 17:54 21 Sep
Take a technical dive into the Skrumble Network architecture https://skrumble.network/skrumble-network-architecture/

· 17:53 21 Sep
Let's take a technical dive into the Skrumble Architecture https://skrumble.network/skrumble-network-architecture/

· 16:36 20 Sep
Weekly Updates: Ally Token Economics Revealed: https://skrumble.network/weekly-update-ally-token-economics-revealed/

· 20:44 19 Sep
The #SKM Team got to converse with Diane Danne, Back office Manager at @BlockchainAG . Check out the global insights we learned while in Berlin, Germany.https://vimeo.com/290739183

· 19:12 19 Sep
SKM Network Architecture!

· 03:37 13 Sep
Hi everyone in the SKM community! We've got big news for you, as promised! Today, aka right noooooooow, we're releasing the first round of info on how SKM will be utilized across Ally! Let me preface this by saying that prices are subject to change, and this is up for community review! We're so exicted to share these details with you!

· 00:29 08 Sep
Stay Tuned everyone!!!