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· 16:06 28 Jun
We are excited to announced that the SelfKey Identity Wallet Beta is now available to download! Visit https://selfkey.org/selfkey-wallet/ to get direct access and read the below article for frrequently asked questions and details on how to get started: https://blog.selfkey.org/the-selfkey-identity-wallet-beta-is-now-available-to-download-e119221de94a

· 05:56 27 Jun

· 13:26 01 Jun
SelfKey will be listed on Indian Exchange KoinOK starting from today. https://blog.selfkey.org/selfkey-to-be-listed-on-indian-exchange-koinok-15f38b3ff9c5

· 16:34 25 May
We have an update for our community regarding the SelfKey Identity Wallet: https://blog.selfkey.org/selfkey-identity-wallet-beta-testing-ongoing-test-sessions-c3f8b8b01be4

· 13:52 22 May
We are excited to share that we have a new partnership in place with Uncloak. They will use Selfkey & KYC-Chain compliance software for their upcoming Token Sale. Full details here: https://www.investinblockchain.com/selfkey-uncloak-team/

· 16:38 14 May
We are proud to share that Airchain is using the SelfKey-powered KYC onboarding application to whitelist its token sale participants and users of its blockchain-based platform. https://blog.selfkey.org/freight-industrys-blockchain-startup-airchain-to-use-selfkey-powered-kyc-onboarding-platform-5c3467915b11

· 15:27 07 May
April has been another month of intense work with satisfactory results. Check out our monthly product progress report. https://blog.selfkey.org/selfkey-product-progress-report-april-2018-dd4c6f69b1de

· 15:21 07 May
April has been another month of intense work with satisfactory results. Check out our monthly product progress report. https://blog.selfkey.org/selfkey-product-progress-report-march-2018-81ee4b5cd0c9

· 07:35 05 May
“Companies like SelfKey demonstrate the true power of the trustless blockchain technology; you can comply with regulations without surrendering privacy and individual rights.” https://dailyhodl.com/hodlxpost/token-sales-and-the-new-wave-of-regulation/

· 11:25 26 Apr

· 21:36 25 Apr
The SelfKey Token contract is NOT affected by the critical Ethereum smart contract bug. Your KEY tokens are safe :). Thank you for your support!

· 11:38 19 Apr
The first testing round of the SelfKey Wallet Alpha has been completed.

Check out the report and what our testers have to say about the SelfKey Wallet Alpha - https://blog.selfkey.org/selfkey-wallet-alpha-testing-first-round-report-f4435e995cdd

· 13:45 05 Apr
Check out our March Product Progress Report, which includes the recent developments of the ID Wallet, Marketplace and our new project: Log in with Selfkey Button & Browser Extension

· 14:25 03 Apr
We are happy to share a new functionality that we are working on: The Log in with SelfKey Button & Browser Extension, with which you will only need two clicks to complete a Token Sale KYC process. https://blog.selfkey.org/log-in-with-selfkey-button-browser-extension-75ed9239668f

· 12:50 02 Apr
Check out the new SelfKey Official Website at https://selfkey.org