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QuarkChain  QuarkChain  Announcements

· 02:13 18 Oct
"The world was so recent that many things lacked names, and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point."-- One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel García Márquez

What world with blockchain looks like at 2068? QuarkChain CBO Du Ting shared opinions about future of blockchain.

· 20:38 17 Oct
On My Way || Sep.27 || Hong Kong

CMO Anthurine, Head of Korea Jonathan, CBO Du Ting hold first HongKong Meetup.

"For QuarkChain 1.0, one thing you should remember is SCALABILITY. But for QuarkChain 2.0, one more thing you should know is FLEXIBILITY."


· 19:30 16 Oct
Good Morning everyone❤️

Dr. Zhou @qc_qizhou met with @CrushCrypto and told about the future of QuarkChain.

Want to know the latest updates on the project? Consider about QuarkChain in 5 years? Why delaying token distribution for private investors?

Click and find answers!🎃http://bit.ly/crushC_QK_tele

· 07:46 14 Oct
How's everyone's weekend?

TPS Competition Champion List (Part 1)just published. Dr. Zhou @qc_qizhou was proud to see that so many developers could run our codes.
Click and find your name on the list! Thank you so much for joining in the competition, we still accept submissions, don't miss it.


· 06:56 13 Oct
Dbcrypto interview with Dr. Zhou

Dbcrypto update September interview with CEO Qi Zhou @qc_qizhou to talk about QuarkChain recent achievements and announcements.

Click for more information about testnet, mainnet and much more!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELupXxt0ARo

· 06:00 07 Oct
Dr.Zhou, CEO of QuarkChain, published “Order-Statistics-Based Hash Algorithm”- some interesting ideas about ASIC-resistent hash algorithm. If you have any idea, feel free to leave comment. Dr. Zhou would love to have any open discussion! http://bit.ly/QK_hash_te

· 20:26 06 Oct
Dear QuarkChain Community Members, We updated the addresses that hold locked tokens. Please read for more details. Thank you for supporting us! 🎃http://bit.ly/QKC_TELE

· 09:36 06 Oct
QuarkChain open sourced code review is here. Thank you @AndreCronjeTech for the in-depth review. As, Dr. Zhou siad, QuarkChain will keep moving with our standard, and there will be a lot of surprises (QuarkChain 2.0). In addition, don't miss our TPS competition with more surprises😀https://cryptobriefing.com/quarkchain-code-review-high-capacity-p2p-blockchain/

· 02:33 06 Oct
#QuarkChain received lots of supports and congratulations during these 2 weeks. Dr. Zhou @qc_qizhou shared his opinion about Blockchain’s future, we announced TPS competition, and much more. Read on for a full update on everything #QuarkChain❤️


· 00:20 04 Oct
Dear friends,
#Quark_Chain and #ArcBlock_io are proud to partner with Crypto Seattle to invite you to a blockchain-focused meetup in #Seattle on October 15th at Atlas Workbase.

Register: http://bit.ly/QKseattle

Dr.Zhou & Dr.Mao are expecting to meet with you.❤️

· 21:26 02 Oct
We are honored to be with everyone last weekend at Panel Discussion "IoT, AI and Blockchain" #SVIEF2018. Do you want to know when did Dr. Zhou first time hear about #bitcoin& #Blockchain💰? Why did everything start with a #Pizza🍕? Find answers by yourdelf! Click👉 http://bit.ly/quarkchain_SVIEF_tele
Thank you for coming and supporting us!

· 00:03 29 Sep
#QuarkChain #TPSCompetition is coming! 🌹
This is a competition for EVERYONE!
Are you ready to put your name on the CHAMPION LIST 🏆& WIN 2.4BTC💰!
For more detail please click http://bit.ly/quarkchain_TPS_Competition_tele! Please share this competition with your friends!

· 23:08 27 Sep
You can now watch a short video of Upbit Developer Conference @Korea 😘 Dr. Zhou spoke of QuarkChain's horizontal scalability technology and has announced the platform will support Multi Native Token. Click: http://bit.ly/upbit_QuarkChain_telegram … Don‘t forget to subscribe @Youtobe channel.😍

· 05:55 26 Sep
Last saturday(Sep.22) Dr.Zhou Qi host a technical lecture, talking about #Blockchain #Sharding. We first time used #FacebookLive . Thank you for coming and watching. If you missed the lecture, don’t worry. We post videos on @YouTube. Click http://bit.ly/YouTube_reddit

· 00:37 26 Sep
Question about our #blockchain technology? We created the post to collect questions for our bi-weekly AMA in telegram channel. Please subscribe our reddit page so you will not miss new update and get answers at first time. Click https://www.reddit.com/r/quarkchainio/comments/9iqkcl/collect_questions_for_quarkchains_biweekly_ama_at/

· 11:22 24 Sep
HongKong we are coming !

· 06:28 23 Sep
Our #QuarkChainBiWeeklyRepot is here! What happened in #singapore #korea #SiliconValley @Google?😱 Who are our new [email protected]_com #Vidy #NOC?🤔 What to know #blockchaintechnology #sharding update? 👏Click here👉http://bit.ly/quarkchain_weekly14_tl.

· 00:55 23 Sep
We just start Facebook ! Please come and watch! LIVEhttps://www.facebook.com/pg/quarkchain/videos/