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· 22:34 06 Jul
“We chose Quantstamp because we believe they have a disruptive technology, and we think they can lead the way for the blockchain ecosystem here in Japan.”


· 23:23 08 Jun
Before we made it into YCombinator - I was a fan of Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston and their philosophy for startups. Here’s some really great links for how to build a startup.

1) product-market fit
2) finding the right type of users
3) doing things that don’t scale, like our audits or our dedication to community
4) on revenue and burn
5) on the post-yc slump - how do you work on real problems
6) on how the world is not a zero-sum game
7) on the product development cycle
8) how to make challenging product decisions and prioritize features
http://blog.geoffralston.com/startup-priorities (edited)

· 02:00 08 Jun
Join Richard in the main Quantstamp chat this
Friday at 12pm pst

· 19:03 25 May
We’re delighted to formalize our friendship and goodwill with Wanchain through helping audit and advise their ecosystem. We look forward to an exciting collaboration on Wanchain 2.0, WANLab and support their vision of accelerating financial inclusion and adoption of blockchain technology.