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Qlink  Qlink  Announcements

· 10:14 05 May
Dear Early Qlinkers,

We are much appreciated for your support all the way. Qlink has grown fast and has its footprint in various social media platforms, forum and regularly updated channels including Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Linkedin and of course the Telegram main channel. This channel was not put to the best use for a long time and the message was not updated in time. Cordially we invite you to join our dedicated and well-maintained channels and follow us closely on social media. This announcement channel will NOT be moderated.

Qlink Group: https://t.me/qlinkmobile
[email protected]: https://t.me/winqturkey
[email protected]: https://t.me/qlcvietnam
[email protected]: https://t.me/winqatmalaysia
[email protected]: https://t.me/winqus
[email protected]: https://t.me/Winqataustralia
[email protected]: https://t.me/winqcanada
[email protected]: https://t.me/winqindia
[email protected]: https://t.me/winqnigeria