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· 13:55 17 Jul

Welcome to the OceanEx Official English telegram! Below, you’ll find our rules and a list of our social media networks. Please familiarize yourselves with this content before inquiring further. If you still have questions after you’ve reviewed the resources below, feel free to tag an admin with your question for additional clarification.

1. Respect each other and please keep it civil. Don’t spread FUD. Refrain from toxicity or posting inappropriate content (NSFW)
2. English only. Please provide a translation when linking sources in other languages.
3. Don’t spam the chat. Please keep this channel free of referrals/advertisements of other coins/projects. Flooding the chat will result in an immediate ban.
4. Price discussion is not allowed. It is strictly prohibited to give financial advice of any kind, or to manipulate others into selling or buying. Please refrain from any comments along the lines of buy/sell, pump/dump, moon/doom, scam etc.
5. Regarding complaints or suggestions about admins, the channel or the community please contact an admin privately.
6. If you want to post a Reddit link, do so with the "np." prefix added to its URL. We do not allow brigading/asking for upvotes.
7. Everything OceanEx-related is a valid topic of discussion. We do not allow discussions that are off-topic or about other coins/projects.
8. Safety is important! Please be cautious with personal details. Requesting personal information of others is forbidden (e.g. holdings/trades).
9. Trading strategy, market sentiment and market position discussion is not allowed. This includes speculation on market manipulation. For trading discussion visit our trading subreddit.

Social Media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OceanexOfficial
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OceanEx/
Medium: https://medium.com/@OceanEx

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