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MultiVAC  MultiVAC  Announcements

· 09:04 17 Oct

· 07:10 13 Oct
Long waiting for Prediction Bounty Result?Here is:https://medium.com/@MultiVAC_Global/prediction-bounty-result-update-53d771efa603
Furthermore,every design submission is perfect and talented, we need more time to make the final decision, please be patient.Thanks for your support.

· 09:08 11 Oct
✨✨✨✨We are excited to announce that the initial result of MultiVAC's lab data is 30784 TPS with 64 participating shards. Each node can reach 533 TPS!✨✨✨✨✨

This experiment proves that increasing the number of participating test nodes, increases the processing capability proportionally. With such linear expansion capability, large-scale commercial grade application is achievable.

The data shows that multiple low-profile computers can produce TPS capabilities similar to a highly configured machine without degrading overall system performance due to computer configuration. This feature indicates that the era of PC mining is coming, and the pace of decentralization has taken another big step forward.

Thanks to the MultiVAC community for your continued support. Let there be light!

Learn more:https://medium.com/@MultiVAC_Global/the-summary-of-multivacs-lab-data-6ab7a6402ebe

· 08:09 10 Oct
🎊🎊We have reached another important milestone that the Lab Data will be published after the release of our yellow paper. This could not have been achieved without your support, so as a token of appreciation, we are rolling out a new bounty activity, the Bounty for Predicting! Our 50000MTV ultimate prize is waiting for you!🎊🎊
👉Please read the terms of Bounty for Predicting👈
🎉🎈Also, in light of everyone’s overwhelming enthusiasm, we will extend the deadline for our Bounty for Designs activity by giving you all an extra day to participate! The Bounty for Designs and Bounty for Predicting will end at the same time, so don’t miss these opportunities!🎈🎉
👉Please read the terms of Bounty for Designs👈
👉Bounty for Predicting spreadsheet👈
👉Bounty for Designs spreadsheet👈

· 10:11 01 Oct
Good news! MultiVAC is about to release the long-awaited LAB DATA on 11 October at 10:00 (UTC+4).
Another exciting news since the release of the Yellowpaper, we will release our lab data! Let's take a look at what can be achieved with MultiVAC's All-dimensional Sharding solution. At the same time, in order to celebrate the release of lab data, we will also hold new bounty events that you definitely should not miss! On that note, what new ideas do you have for our next bounty?

· 06:09 01 Oct
Hi everyone, the results of the Bounty for Sharing are now available!

· 13:14 29 Sep
Warnings:MultiVAC will never contact you through private means. Please beware of fake MultiVAC admins, LinkedIn accounts, and emails, as well as fake MultiVAC Websites and spreadsheets, etc.

· 09:11 26 Sep
🔔We’re glad to announce that we have published the MultiVAC Sharding Yellowpaper which gives a detailed introduction to MultiVAC’s All-Dimentional Sharding Ultimate Solution. This brings MultiVAC’s operations to the next level.

⚡️We also NOW proudly announce the launch of our First Bounty Event. Share this tweet with all your followers, 88888 tokens distributed evenly to 66 lucky winners. We hope that you will be one of them!

🎉In addition, there will be another 100000 tokens bounty awarded for designers who submit MultiVAC themed designs. Don’t miss out on this early chance to get the bounty!!!

👉Please read the terms to compete for the bounty
👉 Bounty for Sharing spreadsheet
👉Bounty for Designs spreadsheet

· 15:25 17 Sep

Please be aware of the scam "SURVEY FORM" mail that's circulating. Some of our members have received this email, we wish to inform you all that we will NEVER send out any email to anyone asking you to fill a survey!!!

»We will never ask you for your private key
»We will never ask you to transfer fiat currency or money or Eth.
»Make sure all telegram groups are official group

‼️ MultiVAC will not take any responsibility for anyone falling for a scam, if the token is not purchased through the official channel during our token sale.‼️

MultiVAC official websites and groups. :
Official website: https://mtv.ac
Official telegram announcement: t.me/MultiVACMTV
Official telegram :https://t.me/MTVCommunity

Official Form: MultiVAC will ONLY publish the Sales Form through the MultiVAC official website and the official announcement.