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· 19:44 07 Jul
Coinbase, 0x, Decentraland and Balance.io presented their views about their product/community initiatives during the first ever EthSamosa talks.
We vow to continuously bring more tech leaders from accross the world to address Indian Eth Community.



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· 10:33 07 Jul
Emre from Toshi-Coinbase is live in the event


· 09:22 07 Jul
The event has started. The live feed for the event is available here :

PS : Due to incessant rains in Mumbai, Babu's arrival is delayed. He will not be able to join us in Panel. We will be trying to have a quick one on one session with him over a web call.

· 16:56 06 Jul
Matic Network Announces ETHSamosa Talks series with Blockchain leaders from accross the world.

The first set of leaders are from :
Coinbase, 0x Protocol, Decentraland & Balance.io