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Matic Network  Matic Network  Announcements

· 10:47 15 Oct

· 17:28 06 Oct
Dorahacks has organized a #hackathon today at Bengaluru, India. ~200 developers (40-50 teams) are participating in the event. Out of these 5 teams are working on creating a Venmo/Paytm like app on Matic Network using DAI as the stable currency. @maticnetwork has plans to incubate teams to provide guidance and help the team take the app to the market. We believe that a stablecoin based payments app with fast settlement times provided by Matic sidechains has the potential to be the killer Dapp that the blockchain ecosystem is looking for.

· 16:25 04 Oct
Hello Community Members,

We received a great response for our "Fastest Fingers First" contest. Thanks to all the participants!

Here are the Names & Telegram ID of Winners of the contest:
1st - Daniel Tom (Tg: @tomson77)
2nd - Calum Matthews (Tg: @calum95)
3rd - Vishwas S M (Tg: @smvishwas)

Kudos to all three of them for their quick & correct answers. Rewards will be disbured after our TGE.

Those who were not able to make the list, don't lose heart, we have more contests coming your way!

· 15:42 23 Sep
BlockchainBrad interviews Matic COO - Sandeep Nailwal.
Watch the complete interview here:

· 15:30 21 Sep
DAI stablecoin on Matic Network!


· 16:52 18 Sep
Here is Andy Tudhope from Status featuring in our latest ETHSamosa talk. Andy shares how Status is helping deliver the power of Web 3.0 to the users.
Click here to watch the full video: https://youtu.be/SUDlQcCZpug

· 16:11 14 Sep
Thanks to our friends at SpankChain for mentioning us


· 17:26 13 Sep
Matic Network — Technical Update #1 #BUIDL


· 10:06 08 Sep
Dfinity’s Arthur Falls features in our EthSamosa talk series. He talks about the unique features that set Dfinity apart from the other blockchains.
Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X__EB5HW6qc

· 11:22 07 Sep
Due to multiple requests from the community, we have decided to extended the deadline for the One Pager Contest.

The new deadline for submissions is now 12th September, 6PM IST

· 22:45 02 Sep
Many thanks to you guys for attending our Mumbai meetup. We got to know more about Ankr Network @ankrnetwork, a leading blockchain project in the space of
distributed cloud computing. We interacted with Ankr COO - Ryan Fang and had exciting conversations with him regarding Ankr's technology and their focus areas.

During the meetup Matic team presented a demo of Matic wallet on the Matic testnet.
We demonstrated instant & low cost transactions and an intuitive wallet UI, which put together has the potential to fuel mass adoption of Dapps.
We also spoke about the Dapp development tools that we are developing, which will enable developers to build real world applications with ease.

Hope to see more of you guys in our upcoming meetups.

· 15:36 31 Aug
*Matic Creative Contributions Program*

Hello to all Matic Network Community Members!

We are excited to bring a new contest to you guys:

Use your creativity to create an eye catching & informative One-Pager about Matic. You can use information on Matic and our products from our whitepaper, website and blog (Links below). Also you can refer to our telegram group for more information.

Follow the below steps to successfully submit an entry:

1. Create a One-Page Infographic about Matic Network and send your entries by tweeting to us at @maticnetwork with the following hashtags #MaticNetwork #MatiCcontest

For example, "My infographic for the @maticnetwork infographic contest #MaticNetwork ”

2. Your tweet must be made by Friday, 7th September, 2018 6PM IST

3. Fill up the following form before the above mentioned deadline:

Make sure you complete all the above steps to make a successful entry.


What’s in it for you!? Two top entries will be rewarded as below:
First Prize: USD 500
Second Prize: USD 300
Consolation prizes worth USD 150 will be awarded on a case basis

Rules of the Roost
- You need to create a unique and creative One Page infographic.
- Deadline for the submission ends on Friday, 7th September 2018 6PM IST.
- A maximum of 2 infographic submissions are allowed by one person. Make sure they are tweeted separately to be considered as a valid entry.
- Rewards will be assessed by Matic’s team with a weightage to community voting as well. Voting will happen once submissions are closed.
- Rewards shall be disbursed in eth
- Contributor should be a member of Matic Telegram Group as well as a follower of Matic's official Twitter page. If you are not a part of Telegram/Twitter yet, we recommend you to join both the channels as early as possible (before the contest ends) in order to become eligible for the Matic Community Rewards Program.

Website - https://matic.network/
Whitepaper - https://whitepaper.matic.network/
Telegram - https://t.me/maticnetwork
Announcement Channel - https://t.me/maticnetwork_announcements
Twitter - https://twitter.com/maticnetwork
Github: https://github.com/maticnetwork
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/maticnetwork

· 16:32 29 Aug
Coinbase Wallet Head of Engineering - Pete Kim joins Matic Network as an Advisor. We are excited to recieve his guidance on shaping our product strategy and end-user experience. We also expect to learn from his vast experience in promoting the Dapp ecosystem and fueling user adoption for blockchain applications.

· 15:28 29 Aug
Hello Matic Network Community!

There is a new contest around the corner so keep an eye on the announcement channel

We will disclose the details of the contest on Friday, 6PM IST.

· 13:16 29 Aug

Scam Alert :

Our community has reported that there is a telegram group: @icopoolfundraiser which is claiming to have a secret allocation with Matic and is offering to pool for it.

We want to emphasize that Matic has not given any allocations to the above mentioned telegram group and the people associated with it.

Matic team strongly recommends all the community to exercise caution and stay away from such scams.

Please also join our announcement channel @maticnetwork_announcements for updates!!


· 11:50 28 Aug


BEWARE of people running pools for Matic pre sale in some groups.These are SCAMS.WE have not given any token sale commitments to anyone. Please be alert and avoid getting scammed.
Pooling is strictly not allowed!

We will explicitly announce our upcoming Private sale details on our official telegram group and announcement channel.
Do not send funds to anyone unless these announcements are made.

Admins of Matic Network:
- @sandeepnailwal
- @Darshanb77
- @nirbhik

DO NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING RELATED TO PRIVATE SALE with anyone except [email protected]
Please note that our private sale has not started yet, but if you are interested, you can cite your interest by mailing on the above mentioned id

Our admins will NEVER ping you for sending ETH. Beware of scams. Please report any dubious behaviour to @sandeepnailwal (Co-founder, Matic Network)


· 22:35 20 Aug
CNBC Crypto Trader interviewed Matic COO, Sandeep during IBC Hyderabad. Checkout the key highlights of the interview here:


The full episode of CNBC Cryptotrader can be seen here :

· 15:18 18 Aug
Dear Community,
Thanks all for participating in our 1st telegram group Technical AMA that took place on 18th August, 2018. We really appreciate all your support. There were really good and thoughtful questions that were asked. For those who missed our AMA, this post is for you! :)

--- #TechnicalAMA1 - Starts ---
Link: https://t.me/maticnetwork/15844

Q1. Can you tell me more about how you're using plasma to scale?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15853

Q. How matic is going to protect double spend while exit on main chain ?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15864

Q. What's delegate layer ?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15861

Q. And pls tell us about your competitors - celer, loom, etc, strong and week sides?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15871 & https://t.me/maticnetwork/15874

Q. I really like the concept of ethdagger, Can you tell us more about it and the other products under development?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15866 & https://t.me/maticnetwork/15868

Q. There is an opinion that the ethereum sidechains dn`t need their own token
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15872

Q. "Once deposited tokens get confirmed on the main chain, the corresponding tokens will get reflected on the Matic chain." if we deposit ETH on main chain contract will the ETH will be reflecting on Matic? and what will be the use of Matic chain token?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15879

Q. Celer has a lot of public strategic investors already before ico. Who is supporting matic? And more importantly did Matic Network have a pre ico sale ?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15884

Q. so there'll be KYC before selecting the delegates, right ?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15880

Q. "EVM-compatible runtime known as the Matic VM", it will be relatively easier for Ethereum based dApps to migrate to Matic Network once it is live. So how you will differentiate matic as general purpose scaling solution? how will Matic VM(Eethereum VM compatible) works with NEO or EOS ?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15892

Q. celer has nicely packaged old tech with cChannel, cOS + too much marketing souce and there is nothing new and progressive...
What do you think about celers technology?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15890

Q. Can you tell us more about the economic incentives of matic, As in how will the token economics work?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15896

Q. Can you explain the impact of casper on sidechain projects which may go live by late 2019-2020. Also how does matic differentiate themselves from loom network
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15900

Q. Would you elaborate more about a general smart contract execution engine? how can that be achieved any work done on this by matic?
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15904

Q. Can you please highlight more on the decentralization aspect using your technology. Also in future, is it possible to quantify the level of decentralization and economic incentivization once mainnet in Q3 goes live or even before??
A. https://t.me/maticnetwork/15902

--- #TechnicalAMA1 - End ---
Link: https://t.me/maticnetwork/15897

Thank you everyone for your questions, please stay tuned for our future AMAs! 🙂

· 10:00 18 Aug
Technical AMA with Matic Network team is starting now. We welcome you all. Please ask your technical queries from Matic COO, Sandeep Nailwal or Matic CPO, Anurag Arjun

· 21:10 15 Aug
Matic Network tech team will be doing an AMA on our official telegram channel @maticnetwork on Saturday from 12.30pm IST. Please join us for the AMA for any tech related queries/discussions.

To get yourselves upto speed before the AMA you may want to go through "What is Matic Network" blog published by Matic team here https://medium.com/matic-network/what-is-matic-network-466a2c493ae1