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Private - max 100,000,000 JAR 1 NEO = 1200 JAR. Public - max 40,000,000 JAR 1 NEO = 1000 JAR

Jarvis Jarvis Blockchain Service

Expectations Auto Rating
Expectations Auto Rating
Fundraising Goal:
133,333 NEO
Jarvis+ redfined how users interact with Blockchain so that everyone can use Blockchain and Smart Contract in natural languages. Jarvis+ is A decentralized service of conversation in any IM, webpage, or App. A personal token assistant. And A powerful AI conversation infrastructure that could be embeded into any use scenario of Blockchain.
Country: Singapore

Pinned Messages

08:44 23 Jul
NOW Jarvis+ Private Sale is finally open to community investors and sorry for the long waiting as team has been working with ecosystem partners. Pls talk to our @JarvisPlusRegBot (in private, of cours ... Read more
18:42 12 Jul
📣ATTN Everyone! We are hosting a 720,000 JAR rewards bounty for 15 days!
🚀Get onboard and earn your JAR!
💵Click https://jar.bounty.global
📋Step-by-step guide: redd.it/8yaq68

Official links:
- Webs ... Read more
15:02 29 Jun
Hi everyone! I’m Jarvis+, the first Smart Contract-based AI-powered Conversation as a Platform, and a project invested by NGC.

I’m created to be:

The personal assistants for blockchain users. Suppor ... Read more

Token Metrics

Ticker: JAR
Token Type: NEP5
ICO Token Price: TBA / 0.00100000 NEO
Pre-sale/Private-sale Token Price: TBA / 0.00083333 NEO
Bounty: Ended
Whitelist: YES TBA
Min/Max Personal Cap: NO

Token Allocation

Total Tokens Supply: 600,000,000
Tokens For Sale: 140,000,000 (23%)



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