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Hashgard  Hashgard  Announcements

· 22:26 14 Oct
As you know, we want to launch a new type of content — video section on relevant and fresh crypto events. You as our community have the perfect chance to influence our first topics. What shall our videos be about? Please share your opinion and vote!

· 13:32 03 Sep
Our biweekly progress!

· 11:47 24 Jul
✨Dear Hashgardians! ✨

💥Official Bibox Statement💥
We regret to inform you that due to inconsistency between parties, the Bibox Exchange has suspended trading service indefinitely. We have reviewed the questionnaire and released the compensation.
💥Please login to www.hashgard.com -> click “Candy” to claim your compensation.
💥Hashgard team is sincerely sorry for the incident. Despite this occurring, we remain committed to moving forward and doing what's best for Hashgard's growth and lasting success.
🙏Thank you in advance for understanding!

❗️Attention Gardians of US/CA❗️
✅GARD is now trading on idex.market!