The majority of the initial supply will be distributed to those who made the internet what it is today. The Handshake project opens a faucet distributing HNS coins to 300,000 qualified Free and Open Source Software contributors. To claim a share, you must qualify through one of the following: 1. GitHub accounts must be active in valuable FOSS projects. Processed on a weekly basis. 2. freenode accounts must be more than six months old. These are prioritized over others due to high signal. 3. PGP Web of Trust refers to the 60,000 in the strong set. 4. You can also apply in writing, with details of past projects and/or academic work. Once qualified, you can also nominate fellow FOSS contributors to apply.

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Handshake Handshake Protocol

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01 Aug - 31 Aug 2018
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Fundraising Goal:
Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol compatible with DNS where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root zone with the goal of creating an alternative to existing Certificate Authorities. Its purpose is not to replace the DNS protocol, but to replace the root zone file and the root servers with a public commons. The Handshake protocol maintains the root zone file in a decentralized manner, making the root zone uncensorable, permissionless, and free of gatekeepers.

Token Metrics

Ticker: HNS
Token Type: TBA
ICO Token Price: 0.1 USD
Pre-sale/Private-sale Token Price: 0.1 USD
Sold on Pre-sale/Private sale: $10,200,000
Whitelist: NO
Min/Max Personal Cap: TBA

Token Allocation

Total Tokens Supply: 1,360,000,000
Tokens For Sale: 102,000,000 (8%)