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Fetch AI  Fetch AI  Announcements

· 18:17 15 Oct
Fetch.AI CTO Toby Simpson talks to Connor LaRocque about our vision for tomorrow's digital economy and how we can optimise the data we generate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=kgqtR72igpY

· 17:29 09 Oct
We recently held a meetup in #Chicago to talk about @fetch_ai's innovative technology. Watch the highlights here:

· 15:33 09 Oct
We have another exciting partnership to announce: Fetch.AI are collaborating with Clustermarket, an online sharing platform for scientific equipment and services.

The agreement will see more than 600 Autonomous Economic Agents deployed on the Fetch.AI network.


· 12:48 08 Oct
Julia Gomes joins Fetch.AI as a machine learning engineer.


· 16:16 05 Oct
Aristotelis Triantafyllidis joins Fetch.AI as a junior developer.


· 17:10 01 Oct
Daniel Honerkamp is the first of many new recruits. He joins the Fetch.AI team as a machine learning engineer. https://fetch.ai/blog/machine-learning-engineer-daniel-honerkamp-joins-fetch-ai?id=552

· 22:22 29 Sep
Fetch.AI are recruiting! We are looking for talented individuals for a range of roles, including software engineers, machine learning scientists and data scientists. Check out our careers page to see if you have what it takes to join our growing team.

· 17:10 29 Sep
Step into the future. We imagine how having Autonomous Economic Agents in your house will enhance your life:


· 21:48 20 Sep
Today our CEO Humayun Sheikh spoke at The Economist Innovation Summit in London about why a collaborative, decentralised approach is so important if society is to successfully optimise data usage.

· 15:11 20 Sep
Lead AEA developer and Head of Community, Josh Croft introduces Autonomous Economic Agents in the first post in the forthcoming series on Autonomous Economic Agents.


· 14:33 19 Sep
Machine learning specialist Khan Baykaner joins Fetch.AI as a Senior Software Engineer


· 11:48 14 Sep
The technological world is in danger of being monopolised. Fetch.AI want to change that.