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· 02:16 02 Aug
Everyone, join 9 Lives Arena telegram chat: https://t.me/NineLivesArena and give them your support!

· 08:52 20 Jul
This Minecraft & Java blockchain plug-in will change everything!

Pat LaBine shows us how blockchain items can exist in games, wallets, and limitless other platforms simultaneously.


"This won't be just for Minecraft, it'll be for ANY Java game."

· 02:16 09 Jun
Hey, guys small favor. If you left a review 🖊 (or making a new review) on the Enjin Wallet, please edit the review and include the keywords 'Ethereum' 'ETH' or 'ERC20' or 'Token' within the wording. This will help us rank #1 and therefore spread the greatness of ENJ further. 🚀

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· 03:09 05 Jun
Everyone, we are on the cusp of releasing major items on our roadmap: EnjinX. Minecraft Plugin. Unity SDK. Godot SDK. Trusted Platform API. Wallet Updates (Gaming Support / Exchange System). All Smart Contracts are going live in early July. Those contracts are packed with functionality and some of the most complex contracts on Ethereum. We have built a token system that is far more powerful and flexible than anything out there. We’ve gone way beyond our roadmap and white paper.

It's only been 6 months. Projects like this usually require 3-5 years to reach proper maturity. That’s a normal timeline for most early supporters going into startups. Instead we’re accelerating and compacting a massive roadmap into 1 year and we’re achieving it this year.

We're moving faster and far more aggressively than other teams (including billion dollar market cap teams). The price is not a reflection of our progress or marketing, that’s a different topic with its own analysis (think of price as an opportunity to enter or leave the project). We're here to do our mission and we will continue to forge ahead in creating a world-class blockchain platform for game developers and gamers.

In the time since we originally planned our roadmap, we realized that existing scaling projects (Raiden, Plasma) had undefined timelines and might not even perform the types of transactions that we'd need for gaming. We have formed a new all-star team to work on Efinity, and we've been making a lot of progress in research & development of our unique scaling solution. We've been keeping quiet about this for now, since our initial releases will be to internal beta game developers.

Our communication and marketing has always been about educating game developers about how blockchain can radically improve their games, and sharing our roadmaps and progress with the community.

· 03:00 03 Jun
㉫ Help us climb the ranks ㉫

Please consider rating and leaving a review for the Enjin Wallet. A great way to thank and give feedback to our hard working devs.

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· 11:09 02 Jun
It's a deep topic and will need its own set of articles and whitepaper. We have had our heads down working on this for months. Other "solutions" you talk about have not shown functional cross-chain swaps with a trustless sidechain, I've only seen a simple private (insecure!) sidechain which we've been able to replicate in about a day of testing. We have a dedicated team with serious senior game developers and PhD researchers working on scaling - on paper, in smart contracts, and implementation. When we are ready, we will start releasing more information. I assure you we are aware of all other solutions in the space and we know Efinity will give game developers a real, practical scaling solution for all types of gaming transactions. It's a new item in our roadmap that wasn't in the original whitepaper, and we've expanded our team to devote proper attention to it.

· 10:53 02 Jun
Enjin Wallet — The Infinity Update | The Enjin Wallet is now more secure than ever — and it supports the ability to create, import, use and track an infinite number of wallets. https://enj.li/infinity

· 10:08 17 May
The Enjin Wallet update will be released to testers first, if you wish to try it please register your interest now and here:

If you applied to test, please join this channel: https://t.me/joinchat/Fi0OfUVZIhEjfaIeAkEblQ

· 03:19 15 May
Join the official WarofCrypto Telegram group here: