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Enigma  Enigma  Announcements

· 17:04 16 Oct
NEW: Our fourth episode of Decentralize This! has just been released, featuring Marguerite deCourcelle (aka @coin_artist). She talks about Neon District, the role of games in driving blockchain adoption, and the power of collaboration. Listen now!


· 18:09 11 Oct
NEW: The third episode of Decentralize This! has just been released, featuring Richard Craib of Numerai. Learn about his new project Erasure, why finance needs to be decentralized, why data deserves protection, and what else decentralized tech can enable.


· 20:44 02 Oct
NEW: Enigma has launched Decentralize This! - a podcast hosted by Tor Bair focused on what it *really* takes to build a more decentralized and sustainable future. We have an amazing lineup of guests - and Episode 1 with Pantera Capital's Joey Krug is live!


· 19:39 28 Sep
NEW: Enigma is proud to share our latest Ambassador profile, featuring Leor. "I have always really enjoyed looking at complex systems I don’t quite understand and poking them until they break." Read more on our blog!


· 19:03 27 Sep
NEW: "Secret Nodes: Exploring Staking, Stakeholders, and ENG." New info on how $ENG staking nodes  -  both for computations and consensus  -  help secure the Enigma network and our privacy-preserving "secret" smart contracts!


· 18:12 26 Sep
NEW: Enigma is happy to be partnering with Datawallet to solve some of the biggest issues plaguing our online world, including sybil attacks and advertising fraud. Read some of the Coindesk coverage of our solution here!


· 17:36 21 Sep
NEW: In our latest Ambassador Profile, we introduce Josh - an advocate for free speech, passionate about science and technology, and a horse enthusiast. Come learn why Josh is a believer in Enigma and how you can become an Ambassador!


· 18:19 20 Sep
NEW: Enigma is expanding its roadmap as we continue to build the privacy layer for the decentralized web! This critical post outlines our new immediate and long term priorities for Enigma, our partners, our network, and our community - so please read on!

(If you need a TL;DR, please read the sections in bold.)


· 20:58 12 Sep
NEW: In yet another great walkthrough, we explore a "secret auction" implementation using Enigma that allows underlying bids to remain encrypted in a decentralized auction. Come check out the code and get inspired to build with Enigma!


· 23:52 10 Sep
NEW: We've just published our complete Getting Started guide for the Enigma protocol testnet! There's never been a better time to start coding your own secret contracts. Check out the guide, then let us know your feedback on our Developer Forum!


· 16:28 07 Sep
NEW: Meet Brendan, subject of Enigma's latest Ambassador Profile. "What I like most, and why I enjoy [being] an Ambassador, is helping people tell their unique stories... Never did I imagine that an online community could foster such valuable education."


· 16:06 30 Aug
NEW: Announcing the Enigma Launch Partners! Meet eight of the forward-thinking projects collaborating with Enigma and using secret contracts to create an ecosystem of solutions for a decentralized future, including Ocean Protocol, Datawallet, and more!


· 21:23 20 Aug
NEW: Announcing the Enigma Writing Contest Finalists! For our third community contest, we selected six awesome finalists based on their creative and insightful writing. We were blown away. Come read through their pieces, then vote for your favorites!


· 18:55 16 Aug
NEW: Enigma is very proud of its committed community. Today we highlight one of the awesome Ambassadors helping us build a more decentralized future with our privacy solutions. Read on to meet Professor Kristi Yorks — and to learn how you can join us!


· 18:57 15 Aug
NEW on our blog: "Secret Voting Smart Contracts With Enigma: A Walkthrough." As a follow-up to our previous writing on the topic, we take a complete look at an actual implementation of “secret voting” on Enigma’s protocol. Come check out the code!


· 18:10 09 Aug
New on the Enigma Solutions blog: “Dark DAOs and the Complexity of Secret Voting.” We look at one important potential threat to decentralized voting and propose some potential solutions that Enigma can help enable.


· 18:48 25 Jul
Don't forget to sign up for the Enigma Developers Forum! This is the best place to chat with our dev team and early builders about the Enigma Protocol, our live public testnet, secret contracts, and more. Stay tuned for more testnet news as we build...


· 18:34 23 Jul
NEW: Enigma is excited to announce our third community contest: The Enigma Writing Contest! ✍️ Learn how you can win prizes for your best creative or informative writing about a decentralized future powered by Enigma and secret contracts. Share your voice!


· 18:48 10 Jul
NEW: The Enigma Q2 Update has been released! From our testnet release to our new partners like Intel to our growing Ambassadors program, this was our most exciting quarter yet. Read about our accomplishments and what's next on the Enigma blog.


· 01:08 01 Jul
BIG NEWS: Our protocol's first live code has shipped on schedule with the release of Enigma Testnet 1.0! This concludes our awesome Q2: we demoed at Consensus, grew our team, launched Enigma Ambassadors, and secured major partners like Intel. Onwards! 🚀