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EdenChain  EdenChain  Announcements

· 08:52 18 Oct
Master node program announcement


· 18:04 16 Oct
Dear community,

Tokens for the second distribution has been completed.

Thank you for your patience and strong support!

Team Eden

· 13:26 12 Oct
Edenchain Weekly Blog Update

Going forward, Edenchain team members will be publishing a technology and business blog on a weekly basis!

Tech Blog: What is Testnet?

Business Blog: Return to Sustainability for Crypto Markets

· 17:39 07 Oct
Updated Vision and Strategy Oct’2018

Refreshed, reloaded and a new product line.


· 13:42 24 Sep
Edenchain AMA #2

In view of the recent misunderstanding regarding Edenchain regarding circulating supply, we would be hosting an AMA with James Ahn, CEO Edenchain to clarify on the questions and doubts that you may have.

To participate, please post any questions that you might have for Edenchain in this thread and we will prepare a video AMA. Questions must be sent by 25th Sept, 6pm KST.

Do note that the questions does not have to be restricted to questions on the circulating supply alone. Feel free to ask about Edenchain's long-term vision, testnet, mainnet, or anything else involving Edenchain.


· 15:30 23 Sep
Update: token circulating supply

slightly higher - but always in good faith.💪💪


· 12:42 21 Sep
No more a whitepaper project: testnet is live!

For all bug reports: [email protected]

Showcase app and Github coming up next.


· 10:08 18 Sep
James Ahn's Letter to the Community

To us, any promises that we made to the community should be upheld and we will continue to do our utmost best to be a global leader in driving the advancement of blockchain technology.

Our vision is to deliver sustainable value, through steady and incremental developments on both technology and business development.

Many of our strategic partners will be the first to gain access to the testnet and ensure that Edenchain platform can achieve the high standards needed.

Edenchain will also post a public repository of our Github for the community to gain access to several APIs and resources that would be needed for them to use the testnet.

Details on masternode will be announced by mid-October 2018.


· 02:53 17 Sep
Dear Edenchain community,

Token distribution is completed.

The Edenchain smart contract address is: https://etherscan.io/token/0x05860d453c7974cbf46508c06cba14e211c629ce

You should have received the first tranche of your distribution.

Tokens will become transferrable on 16 Sept, 11pm Pacific Time.

Eden team.

· 18:40 16 Sep
Dear Eden community,

Please remain vigilant against scams and fake Edenchain tokens. The official address will be posted on our Twitter account, telegram announcement channel (@edenchainannouncements), Facebook and website.

Tokens are being distributed currently. We will announce the official Edenchain token address once we have verified that the token distribution is completed and correct.

Do check carefully across several sources before making any transactions.

Eden team.

· 09:47 14 Sep
#EdenChain is a #Blockchain based platform that allows all the values to be capitalized & traded using a Programmable Economy Platform technology.

Watch EdenChain CEO James Ahn's #CryptoLingo interview where he discusses his vision for the project


· 12:45 13 Sep
Edenchain Testnet Launch on 21 September 2018

Edenchain sets out to the leading enterprise blockchain platform which solves key problems with blockchain technology — scalability, customizability and security. To ensure world-class performance, it is crucial for the Edenchain platform to undergo rigorous stress-testing.

With that, we are launching the Edenchain testnet on 21 September 2018! We’re excited to announce that testnet development had been much faster than expected through our dedicated and talented developers. As a result, we have completed the testnet ahead of our original roadmap schedule by one quarter!


· 11:08 12 Sep
Eden things you always wanted to know ( Part 1)

We have many friends. 😉


· 12:03 10 Sep
We are unlocking: Edenchain token release schedule revealed!

TL:DR - 16 Sept


· 11:26 10 Sep
Partnership Highlights: Edenchain and RoomDAO

RoomDAO and Edenchain signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) to connect local tourist service providers directly with travelers, passing middlemen with no fees.


· 11:44 04 Sep
Eden chain gold plated coin, with a airdrop code at the back.

· 11:39 04 Sep
Which centralised exchange do you think Eden should list FIRST in:

Like and share and win a Eden commemorative golden token!


· 11:11 04 Sep
Reddit AMA Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Reddit AMA Campaign! For the winners listed below, please DM Eugin_Eden on Reddit with the same account to claim your prize. We will mail you a limited edition physical souvenir token with a unique code to win between 250-1,000 EDN tokens!



· 20:42 03 Sep
Edenchain at BlockFesta: Permissioned Blockchain Technology for Enterprises

Block Festa 2018 is hosted by Block Media and Korea blockchain Industry Promotion Association, to examine blockchain technology, the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This conference was attended by leaders from the government, institutional investors, platforms and blockchain startups who plays important roles the blockchain ecosystem, along with the youth, who will lead the future. Edenchain is proud to be the main partner of BlockFesta 2018!