- Private Sale: 750m tokens, 30% discount, 50% of total tokens to be locked up for 90 days, to raise US$4.0m (Sold out) - Private Presale: 600m tokens, 15% discount, 50% of total tokens to be locked up for 45 days, to raise US$3.9m (Sold out) - Public Presale: 1,050m tokens, 10% discount, 50% of total tokens to be locked up for 30 days, to raise US$7.3m (Oversubscribed) - Public Crowdsale: 600m tokens, no discount, no lockup, to raise US$4.6m

Hypernum Rating
Drep Drep Protocol

Hypernum Rating
01 Aug - 06 Aug 2018
Fundraising Goal:
$19,800,000 / 100% raised
Decentralized Reputation A decentralized reputation ecosystem comprising of a public chain, a reputation-based protocol and the tools for Internet platforms to leverage its power


14:42 09 Aug
🔥Article Sharing🔥

🗣Co-founder of DREP Foundation Xiaolong Xu, one of the candidates Huobi Chain Superhero Championship, shared an article regarding his thoughts on public chain and the expansion of u ... Read more
18:02 08 Aug
Reputation mining registration link:
18:11 06 Aug
‼️ DREP Russian group has opened ‼️

🗣We have opened a Russian group for our Russian friends!

👉Please join at: https://t.me/drep_ru

Token Metrics

Ticker: DREP
Token Type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 0.0076666 USD
Pre-sale/Private-sale Token Price: 0.00533333 USD
Sold on Pre-sale/Private sale: $11,200,000
KYC: YES Ended   
Whitelist: YES Ended   
Min/Max Personal Cap: NO
Accepts: ETH, QKC

Token Allocation

Total Tokens Supply: 10,000,000,000
Tokens For Sale: 3,000,000,000 (30%)