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· 12:07 30 Jul
A chance to win CMT!!! Become a Noomi Tester! 200 beta app testers needed! https://www.noomiwallet.com/

· 08:18 27 Jul
We are glad to officially release our programing language #Lity

· 10:49 12 Jul

· 08:19 12 Jun
【Cybermiles News】

🚀 Huobi Pro listed CMT/USDT and announce
【CMT Trading Campaign TOP100 Share 500000CMT】

🚀 CMT/USDT trading pair is available on 4 exchange with 2 of them are top exchange #HuobiPro and #OKEx
CLICK HERE for more information.

#Cybermiles #CMT #HuobiPro #Krypital

· 06:59 12 Jun
【Cybermiles News】

🚀 Glad to see Cybermiles Token (CMT) as one of 18 tokens listed on Zebpay

🚀 Zebpay is top 1 exchange in India with over 3 millions user and estimated to add 500,000 new user monthly

🚀 Zebpay is also the first platform to offer $CMT in exchange of fiat money (Indian Rupee)
#CMTtoFiat #FiatToCMT

🚀 Cybermiles also listed Krypital Group as PREMIER COLLABORATION PARTNER

· 06:01 09 Jun
Cube on sale now

· 05:29 31 May
Buy CMT Cube here:https://www.blocktonic.io/item/583

· 15:04 29 May
We are excited to introduce a blockchain, crypto-only e-commerce site named http://Blocktonic.io . Every product that consumers buy will be refunded. Blocktonic will refund the purchase price in

· 14:02 29 May
CyberMiles Foundation will make a major announcement in the development of our ecosystem in exactly 1 hour. We believe it is a huge step forward to the application of the #cryptocurrencies in e-commer

· 07:59 29 May
CMT will be listed on Rfinex at 6 p.m. today (Beijing Time). Until tomorrow, the trades made with $CMT from the exchange platform will be free of charge. Don't miss out! https://rfinex.com/

· 13:21 26 May
CMT Vlidator Program: https://www.cybermiles.io/validator/

· 15:07 22 May
We are glad to announce the CMT Cube will be on pre-sale on May 31. The pre-sale will be available on CyberMiles' official website: http://cybermiles.io and will be limited to 5 machines per person.

· 05:22 22 May
IDG is in the game

· 06:46 21 May
Our mainnet being released soon, more and more candidates are announcing their interest in running a CyberMiles' supernode. One of them is Shuanghua Capital, also involved in the #EOS

· 14:51 14 May
Upcoming #meetups this week Beijing - May 18 Hangzhou - May 19 Chengdu - May 20 #Meetups in June South Korea 🇰🇷 Vietnam 🇻🇳