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· 12:48 02 Aug
Credits and Infinito have come to an agreement which envisages adding Credits tokens (CS) into the token wallet created by Infinito.

Infinito wallet is just another project in the portfolio of the United Kingdom-based Infinito Services which is the core business of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe. Its token wallet is already being used by 60.000 users all over the world; now Infinito is planning to integrate CS into their wallet. Additional conditions and mutual benefits for both partners are being discussed.

Full article: https://credits.com/en/Home/New_Ins/4101

· 20:16 30 Jul
New forum on our website is up and running! Looking forward to reading your feedback there.


· 17:29 30 Jul
Credits cooperates with MF Chain to bring to life their common vision – worldwide adoption of blockchain technologies.

MF Chain (Modern Finance Chain) is now helping the world adopt crypto as a currency by creating a global digital economy. Introducing the first ever merchant rewards program, now both consumers and merchants can earn rewards.

As agreed, MF Chain and Credits are engaging in collaborative efforts to merge their two communities in order to bring the combined solutions to their users.

Full article here: https://credits.com/en/Home/New_Ins/4097

· 18:22 27 Jul
Credits signed several new partnerships over the course of the last few days.

1) Give Bytes is a new crowd-mining campaign site that empowers the compassion-driven who want to give charitable donations effortlessly. Now any computer user anywhere can anonymously give without ever actually touching their wallet using the power of the blockchain.

2) Africunia positions itself as the first African 100% digital crowdfunded open bank based on blockchain 3.0. It strives to become a unique financial institution that would provide innovative banking services such as bank-to-bank transactions, interconnecting the world of traditional finance and cryptocurrency startups.

Full article: https://credits.com/en/Home/New_Ins/4094

· 15:44 27 Jul
Credits and two sister projects Snovian.Space and Snov.io are exploring various ways of cooperation in the field of management through Credits blockchain platform. The result of our teamwork will help thousands of international clients to easily find useful business contacts, employees and leads.

The agreement envisages an exchange of technologies and information, as well as offering a variety of services to be determined by further agreements. Snovian.Space and Snov.io will both be taking part in this collaboration.

Full article: https://credits.com/en/Home/New_Ins/4093

· 14:33 26 Jul
Credits visits Game Node Confernce to Gather Insights of Blockchain Use In Game Industry.


· 14:56 25 Jul
Keith Wareing live stream with Credits team will start in 5 minutes!


· 12:03 24 Jul
AndIT Will Transfer Its Products To Credits Blockchain Platform

Credits’ fast growing portfolio of partners from welcomes Riga-based AndIT. Specializing in telecommunications, Fintech and ICO, AndIT uses third-party out-of-the-box blockchain solutions to develop very precise and reliable products including web, mobile and blockchain applications.

As a part of its further development AndIT signed a partnership agreement with Credits which implies using Credits’ blockchain platform for creating future dApps.


· 10:44 24 Jul
Guys, we are updating DNS servers and website can work not correctly in some regions today.

Don't worry about this. I guess during this day everything will work fine again.

Check latest news about Credits here - https://t.me/CREDITSoffical

· 15:07 21 Jul

· 14:58 21 Jul
Stream is live. Last preparations now. Begining within 15 minutes, guys! Stay tuned!


· 19:48 20 Jul
Credits News Digest Episode 7. Watch now! 🎥


· 22:36 18 Jul
Following the number of questions from our community members regarding Mainnet and token swap Credits team would like to clarify some of the key of them below!

1) What is Mainnet and what is it used for?
2) What does swap entail?
3) What is the current status of Mainnet?

Read all answers here: https://credits.com/en/Home/New_Ins/4082

· 00:16 18 Jul
Guys, read this to the end. Everything will become more clear for you. Despite all the negative today there was a significant event for our project, we have released Testnet and Mainnet Candidate versions, we realize that there was a misunderstanding between us and you, From the very beginning we have published the news about mainnet/testnet candidate release, unstable but fully functioning version of the platform. This news was perceived differently. Let's clarify this. You can check it in this article - https://credits.com/en/Home/New_Ins/4037

The presence of bugs is possible for any stage of development, the main purpose of this testnet version release is to demonstrate the basic capabilities of the platform especially smart contracts. Naturally, we know about the existing bugs and still working on its fixing, we will fix the most of them by the next update release and after version will be stable for stress test we will conduct live TPS tests.

Now platform works through VPN. We are debugging the NAT traversal process in order to get away from the VPN in the next update. After this we will be able to conduct stress test of platform.

Be more serious and carry out your own conclusions, everything is going according to our strategic plan, the developers are working on the platform to present it in the most transparent way and the results will impress each of you, Keep it in your mind and ask yourself how much was already done by the team. We are working on the platform that will be in a big demand around the world in various industries, we already have huge prospects for our platform implementation in the Asian market, many reputable companies and not only companies are interested in the success of our platform. We open offices around the world, participate in international conferences, negotiate with large companies, as you can see the amount of partners is increasing every day,

You are still think that we have nothing?

It's about the fundamentals of any business, while you all think about the price, we think about the future and lay the foundation for this. That's why we plan to intensify the work of attracting new users and partners who will create dApps on the platform and will use our blockchain. One of our main goals is to conduct a stress test in a real environment with the participation of our community members and reliable technical specialists. We are aware of the importance of this step and examine the most reliable way to present it.

Many of you say that we do not keep with the deadlines. I want to remind how the process of such unique product complicated is. Roadmap is an approximate timeline for project development, if you still are not aware, we're developing something innovative, even disruptive to crypto world, therefore we need to ensure it's working properly, test it. Don't forget that it's development of a software, during which you can think of something that improves this or that thing , you need to implement it, then test the whole software again.

As you can see we are transparent with you absolutely, we know about the presence of some sort of bugs, but we kept our promise and made a release. And you still do not believe us? We have very close contact with you, we share everything with you, answer your questions every day, we take into account every opinion and treat everyone with respect, we make adjustments, you are helping us with the testing of platform, we do everything together, Our product is a joint work. We trust you and we want you to trust us. So give us time for further improvements of the product.

When you start screaming, throw stones at us, think about it. Ask yourself is this fair to the team which works without days off, so that the dream of each of us is realised. I want to tell each of you that we are all on the same boat and should support each other in any situation.

· 21:48 17 Jul
Guys! Everybody here need to understand how software development process is going on.

1) Now we are on stage of Mainnet/Testnet Release Candidat. It has all final platform functions. They were successfully lauched yesterday. Read this article to be aware of what has already been implemented.

2) Now everybody is able to test how Credits platform work - test basis functions and create/execute smart contract. It is HUGE imporvment. You need to download node and read some instuctions.

3) We update our road map in order NOT to postpone deadlines anymore. Now we have strategy like under promise, but over deliever.

4) Now platform works through VPN. We are debugging the NAT traversal process in order to get away from the VPN in the next update. After this we will be able to conduct stress test of platform.

· 17:35 17 Jul
Credits Core Update. Key details of the latest technical developments over 5 months and updated road map in this report.


· 18:08 16 Jul
Credits and Rechained (Open Source University) are joining efforts to bring top blockchain technology to education industry.


· 17:48 13 Jul
Credits took part in RISE, an important forum that gathers world’s leading startups and cutting-edge technologies.

A perfect ground for exhibiting outstanding technologies from various areas, this place allows to get acquainted with products and services of the future, to see where technological giants move towards and meet new start-ups.

Evgeniy Ivantsov, Credits PR Director, and Maxim Gazeev, Business Development Manager, had a chance to meet people and companies interested in using the developments of Credits and partnering up with the company in the future. The Credits team met, among other, Katalyst, Wikilook, SettleMint, NexChange , and Tempow.

Full article here: https://credits.com/en/Home/New_Ins/4076

· 17:24 11 Jul
Sparkster and Credits held talks to discuss the how they can bring about mainstream blockchain adoption together. Sparkster's NO CODE platform reduces the time, effort and complexity of authoring smart contract by more than 100x.

Smart Contracts for Credits will be authored on Sparkster and deployed to Credits with a no hassle seamless integration between our platforms. Since Credits is using Java the integration is expected to be smooth.


· 19:01 07 Jul
CREDITS Deputy CTO - Konstantinos Sotiropoulos explanation about consensus algorithm of our platform.

Check video by link below and subscribe to CREDITS Youtube channel