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Pre-sale bonus: 20-40%, tokens vested 6 months. 20% base, 25% for 20+ ETH, 30% for 60+ ETH, 35% for 180+ ETH, 40% for 500+ ETH, -5% each week after start

CoTrader CoTrader Finance

Expectations Auto Rating
Expectations Auto Rating

Fundraising Goal:
With CoTrader you no longer need to. CoTrader enables the best investors to manage your funds. Unlike competing platforms, CoTrader offers cryptographically proven ROIs, privacy, and full control over your assets.


10:58 11 Oct
CoTrader is among top in Huobi Research!
14:24 08 Oct
Great news! "Binance will make a change to our listing fee policy. Starting immediately, and going forward, we will make all listing fees transparent and donate 100% of them to charity.

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15:14 07 Oct
Top #1 position on one of the fastest growing ICO listing sites in the world!

9.15/10 review for cotrader.com


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Ticker: COT
Token Type: ERC20
Bounty: YES TBA  
Whitelist: YES TBA

Token Allocation

Total Tokens Supply: 100,000,000,000
Tokens For Sale: 30,000,000,000 (30%)

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