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· 06:31 25 Sep
Check out the latest Thirtyk article to see what our CEO Timothy Tam has to say about the entry of industry players like Fidelity Investments in the Crypto market!

· 06:06 07 Sep
Check out what our CEO TimothyTam has to say about the plunge in the Ether prices in the latest CNBC article!

"Ether plunges more than bitcoin, frustrating investors who believed it was the better alternative"

· 06:31 04 Sep
Got questions for the CoinFi core team?

Well, great, as it's time for our September AMA! Post your questions in the comments on Reddit by September 8th & we will answer the top 10 most upvoted questions!


· 16:59 01 Sep
It feels like time just zips by these days. Partly that’s because crypto moves lightning fast, but also every single day has been jam-packed at the CoinFi office.

August has been no exception!


· 09:42 24 Aug
Join us for Episode 9 of the CoinFi podcast where Tim, Jonney, and Eugene dive into algo trading: What is it, how is it profitable, and how does it affect crypto traders like you?

Episode 009: Opening The Black Box: Algo Trading 101 for Crypto Investors


· 11:08 17 Aug
Ever wondered about Trans-Fee Mining? What it is and why you should care? Is it worth investing in a Trans-Fee Mining Exchange? On CoinFi podcast Episode 8, hear us discuss all about the controversial token-exchange model!

CoinFi 008: Trans-Fee Mining: Ponzi Scheme or A Clever Way to ICO?


· 09:52 30 Jul
How does Bitcoin impact your traditional portfolio? Use our Bitcoin investment calculator to find out: https://www.coinfi.com/calculators/bitcoin-investment-calculator

· 07:52 27 Jul
Today's episode features Timothy Tam and Jonney Liu, both ex hedge fund traders. https://blog.coinfi.com/does-technical-analysis-actually-work/

· 14:58 20 Jul
What makes each token unique?

How do the token models differ from those of other exchanges?


· 11:52 16 Jul
It’s a question that everyone has an opinion on, yet has no definitive answer–is Ethereum overvalued? 

Podcast Episode 003: Is Ethereum Overvalued?


· 12:12 13 Jul
Podcast Episode 002: "So what is it that separates them from your typical, everyday cryptocurrency investor? Their Strategy? Their Mindset?"


· 09:34 11 Jul
Each week, we are distributing 10,000 COFI tokens to members of our private CoinFi Ambassadors group who take actions to help promote the CoinFi platform and vision. We are giving away the first 10,000 COFI this week, so apply to join now! https://www.CoinFi.com/ambassadors

· 10:25 09 Jul
Hey everyone! As you saw in the last progress update, we’ve made some internal adjustments at CoinFi and we have some big rollout plans in Q3! To support the upcoming rollouts and announcements, we’ve put together a private telegram group of CoinFi’s biggest supporters to help focus all of our efforts in one direction, with the goal of spreading excitement about CoinFi’s vision and platform. It’s also the first place the team will come to for product feedback/suggestions!

To kick things off, we’re also setting aside a pool of 500,000 COFI tokens that Ambassadors will have a chance to win. If you’re a big supporter of the CoinFi project and want to help spread the word - with a chance to win tokens - you can apply to join at https:/www.CoinFi.com/Ambassadors

· 11:00 02 Jul
Here’s an unfiltered look at the first half of 2018 – both at the progress we’ve made, and the setbacks we’ve had, and what you can expect from us going forward.


· 08:48 29 Jun
Hi Everyone!
We are opening the registration to the closed beta for CoinFi News. All the whitelisted, KYC compliant users will be eligible for the early access when we release the closed beta and should have received an email from us informing them of their eligibility. There are also 500 spots available for non-whitelisted users. Please go to coinfi.com to register now and claim a spot! Once you sign-up, you will also have a chance to move up your spot on the waiting list by sharing with other users who sign up, instructions for which will be displayed as soon as you sign up. Don’t miss out! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

· 12:53 18 Jun
Join us at abasummit2018, where Timothy Tam will be one of the speakers

Remember to use the Discount Code: [email protected]

· 10:49 11 Jun
We’ll soon be launching the CoinFi News feature, where you can be the first to know the news that moves the crypto market…

While we’re busy doing that, here are some insights from the data that underlies our News feed.

“What Are the Hottest Cryptocurrencies on The Market? An Analysis of 60,000+ News Articles”