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CertiK  CertiK  Announcements

· 23:24 15 Aug
Prof. Ronghui Gu will have a tech AMA for our Korean community, join at 8PM KST 08/16/2018. https://twitter.com/block_daily/status/1028865042878365696

· 23:45 05 Aug
Regarding the recent Twitter PartnerGuess Campaign, Please help fill in the form (previous winner list is removed as of now), thanks!

The deadline to complete this form will be within the next 24-48 hours!

· 01:32 19 Jul
We’re excited to announce our latest campaign! Most of you are already aware of the campaign, but for those who are only learning of it now, it’s not too late to get involved.
The winners of this campaign will be whitelisted for CertiK. We have not released details on how many members will be whitelisted from this campaign, but we can confirm that it will be one of the various methods of whitelisting for the project.
So how can you participate?
A series of quizzes will be released at random times on our twitter account over the coming weeks. The theme of the quiz will be around investors around CertiK. We’ve detailed the steps below to help you get started:
1. Follow our twitter here https://twitter.com/certikorg
2. Monitor our account for each quiz that is released
3. Once you think you’ve figured out the correct answer – retweet the quiz, via the “retweet with comment” option. And within the comments section of your retweet, provide your guess at the answer
4. And you’re done!
How are participants assessed?
For each quiz that you answer, you’ll be scored on two key criteria:
- The timestamp on your retweet (the earlier you submit the correct answer, the better)
- Whether your answer is correct or not. If it’s wrong, you won’t receive a score at all.
When will results be released?
Results will be released at the end of the campaign, once the team have had a chance to validate all the data. The results may not be released publicly.
Is this the only way to whitelist for CertiK?
No, there will be a series of campaigns for members to whitelist for the project. This is only one of them.
When will this campaign end?
There hasn’t been a set end date for the campaign at this stage. The team will monitor progress and make an official announcements where necessary.
Do I need to submit any other information like KYC/Wallet Address
At this stage no further information is required. The team will advise at a later stage when further information is required.
How will I be informed of the results at the end of the campaign?
Winners of the campaign will be contacted either via twitter, or another method which will be advised of once the campaign ends.

· 23:39 18 Jul
The latest quiz is out. Don't forget to like it and retweet with your answer:) Happy guessing!!! https://twitter.com/certikorg/status/1019681202129833985